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Summer Movie Preview


Love this guy.

It’s almost that time of year again: Summer Movie Season! *airhorn* No matter how jaded I get to the money-grubbing ways of Hollywood, I’m always excited for summer. I get burned by this excitement pretty regularly, but usually something unexpectedly great sneaks its way in. Last year, Man of Steel bored my red underpants off, but This Is The End was far funnier than a two-hour College Humor sketch should be. Also, Elysium was a g*ddamn mess, but I went home and watched District 9 for the 37th time, so all was good!

So, without further ado, let’s take a final look at these probable disasters before they eat your twelve dollars and waste two hours of your life!

(Preview, in this case, means unfairly judging a movie that I haven’t seen yet, based solely off marketing. Which is what you’re supposed to do, by the way. It’s called being a discerning consumer)

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Here it is. The Guardians of the Galaxy is proof that Marvel is putting DC to absolute shame in Hollywood. While DC can’t even keep one of its flagship franchises from being a self-serious bore, Marvel is turning another one of it’s tertiary properties into a breezy good time at the movies. Of course, we’ll have to see the movie itself to be sure, but g*ddamn this trailer hits all the right notes.

Back in 2008, when most film-goers hadn’t the foggiest clue what an Iron Man was, Marvel decided to hire a comedy director for the big screen adaptation. 6 years, 2.5 Billion international dollars, and one guy‘s revived career later, I’m thinking it was the right call. Since they’ve got James Gunn (Slither, the 2004 Dawn of the Dead) on Guardians, they still seem to know where the talent lies.

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