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Play Dishonored, f*ckers


En Garde, ye lowly cannonfodder!

Any gamer worth his weight in Hot Pockets has read the glowing reviews by now. Now, as a lowly consumer who had to pay to play the damn thing, I’mma throw my belated two cents in: play that sh*t.

Did you play last year’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, only to find it desperately lacking in plague rats and muttonchops? Are you a fan of the Bioshock series, but wish the gadgets ran on whale oil instead of steam (I call it F*ckPETAPunk)? Do you, like me, prefer an empire that is ruled by an Empress, because it totally reminds you of the Neverending Story, because that movie rules, except when Artax the horse drowns in the Swamp of Sadness and then the giant turtle oh god please fast-forward this part, grandma –


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I’m Still Alive!

Click to animate!

Haven’t posted in awhile.  Sorry ’bout that.  Been focusing on my family and career.  Psh hahahahahahaha!  No, I’m just lazy.  Anyway, to keep this place from being completely barren, I just made this gif.  Expect it to be a recurring response.  Also, bonus points to anyone who knows what episode of “Sunny” this comes from.


On WWZ: Go F*ck Yourself, Paramount

Paramounts message to its audience.

Come on, now. Fess up, Hollywood. You guys are just f*cking with us, right? I mean, people have waited for five years for Max Brooks’ beloved World War Z to be adapted and this is what you’re giving us? Please tell me this is intentional disinformation.

For those of you not it the know: WWZ is an epic war story that recounts a ten year, planet-wide battle against the living dead. It is told from the perspective of different veterans of the conflict, via an interview format. It is probably one of the most well-written and exhaustively researched novels I’ve ever read. From that we have (via SlashFilm):

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