Godzilla vs Paratroopers

It’s that magical time of year again. December is that wonderful month when, between stressing the f*ck out over Christmas shopping, we can check out the trailers for the sure-to-be-disappointing upcoming summer movie season! The latest one to hit is Gareth Edwards’ remake of Godzilla. Edwards’ only notable film thus far is 2010’s low-key sci-fi drama Monsters. I enjoyed Monsters, mostly because it placed character development over visuals, although that could be because it cost roughly twelve dollars to produce.

This time, armed with a blockbuster budget and legendary franchise, Edwards seems to have put together quite a pretty movie, but there are some concerns. This is a very well-edited trailer (the 2001 music is a nice touch), but one wonders what a handful of paratroopers is going contribute in a fight against a Gila monster the size of the Burj Khalifa. I guess only the movie itself will tell. In the meantime, it can’t help but call up thoughts of  Transformers.  Three films deep and they still doesn’t realize Tyrese with a machine gun doesn’t do dick in a fight against giant robots.

You heard me, baldy.

You heard me, baldy.

Still, I’m tentatively excited, if only because this isn’t a Zach Snyder movie. That guy’s talent lies solely with making pretty trailers. Sorry. Had to be said.

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