Baltimore Comic Con Picture Gallery

My friends Scott and Matt. Guess who they're supposed to be??

My friends Scott and Matt. Guess who they’re supposed to be??

As someone who is generally pretty broke and has never ventured west of Colorado, I have yet to attend San Diego Comic Con. This is probably a blessing, since it would cost me a small fortune and, as far as I can tell, is no longer the geek mecca that it once was. The impression that I get now is that it’s 75% press attendees waiting in line for hours to watch a trailer and possibly talk to a celebrity. Do not want. This is my second year in a row to Baltimore Comic Con and it feels much more like it’s namesake: Comic artists selling and signing their art, while a largely dressed-up crowd basks in the growing community. This is the Age of the Nerds, people. It’s become a cliché for a reason. I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate this magical time. Mostly cosplayers, but a few other things (like Brian Bolland, and a pinup artist with nice cans, go figure).  It’s best if you click on the first picture and go through the slideshow for the info. Come along with me, my friends!

*puts on top hat and goggles, rides off on steam-powered segway*

[pictures shown in order they were taken]

Lame ending, I know.  But trust me when I say that, by the end of day two, you are utterly spent. It’s a ton of walking and crowd-navigation.  I also took a fair amount of video, but it’s shaky and rambling, so I want to do some chopping and processing before putting it into your eyeballs. Stay tuned.

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