Is This F*cking Real?

Making the rounds for the past few weeks has been the (above) trailer for Spike Jonze’s her, about a shy nerd who falls in love with a computer program. The movie blogosphere seems head over heels for this and…am I missing something here? Is this meant to be taken seriously? Spike Jonze movies are known for quirky originality (Being John Malkovitch, Adaptation) and this is lifted straight from a  recurring joke on Archer.

It stars a pedo-stache’d Joaquin Phoenix as the main character and Scarlett Johansson as the titular program. Rounding out the indy-centric cast are Amy Adams and Rooney Mara. I dunno, man. I have a lot of faith in Jonze, but this looks pretty g*ddamn dumb. Him spinning around with his phone like he’s dancing with a woman? And the way the trailer hits on the line of “How would you touch me?”; I’m no psychologist, ma’am, but I’m pretty sure it would be somewhere in the penis-to-vagina ballpark.

I guarantee you  all the faith being placed in this is solely with the talent behind the camera. That’s not a bad place for it to be, but I am wary. So far, Jonze is pretty spotty without a Charlie Kaufman script; sorry, but Where The Wild Things Are was pretty lackluster. I hope this rises above it’s silly premise, but-


Jesus. Really?

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