What the hell is this noise?


In the interest of full disclosure, I will admit to abstaining from the last Spider-Man. I don’t care how well-executed it might have been, you simply don’t go to the origin story well twice within a decade. Especially with half a century’s worth of material to draw from. That being said, the 2014 sequel appears to have 45-year-old Paul Giamatti playing the ED-209.  Perhaps there’s a planned crossover with next year’s generic-as-sh*t-looking Robocop reboot. Tie that in with 2012’s Total Recall and you can have an all-new Avengers-type situation! Call it Nobody Asked for Any of This.

I guess that’s some kind of mo-cap getup for the Rhino suit to be added later. I dunno, man. It doesn’t seem that hard to make an actual rhino suit. Just a gray body sock and a horn up top.  Either way, this kind of thing will always play second fiddle to Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern in the pantheon of Unnecessary CGI. Jesus, what a terrible movie. Blake Lively as a fighter pilot? Sure thing. Man, this post went off topic fast.

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