Star Wars and Doctor Who fans rumble at UK sci-fi convention


*warning: softballs incoming*

According to the BBC, a probably hilarious fight broke out at the Norwich Sci-Fi and Film Convention in Norfolk, England. The event was organized by the Norwich Star Wars fan club, and the trouble started when a few Doctor Who fans, undeterred by the odor, arrived for autographs of some Who actors. This apparently didn’t sit well with the Star Wars fans, who probably should’ve named their convention something more g*ddamn specific if they didn’t want other sci-fi fanbases to show up.

After Norwich police subdued both parties with wedgies and pollen, the CCTV footage was reviewed and it was determined that no assault had taken place. Apparently the local Star Wars and Doctor Who fan clubs had been carrying a fierce rivalry for some time, and were then told by police to “stay away from each other.” It’s unclear who would win in a Lightsaber/Sonic Screwdriver fight, but much like in Alien vs Predator, it’s humanity that loses anyway. 

See, this is why nerds still suck. The “nerd” culture has only become mainstream of late because people are starting to realize the quality of the products involved; video games and comic books can be really well-made pieces of entertainment. The remaining problem is that the hardcore nerds themselves are still territorial little d*ckheads; they’re so quick to sh*t on anyone with differing tastes, no matter how minimal the difference is (“We love the exact same game, but you played it on a different console? F*ck you!”). Then these people wonder why they are still the subject of ridicule. This is why I tend to not make conversation at comic shops and game stores.

That being said, I’m sick to death of Star Wars and one of the Doctor Who fans was dressed as Judge Dredd. So, the Doctor fans win this one.

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