Kelsey Grammar will be the bad guy in Transformers 4. Wait, what?

frasier (1)

I was a pretty big fan of Fraser in the 90s (it was sort of like The Big Bang Theory for people with multiple brain cells), but sadly Kelsey Grammar’s career has fallen off my radar as of late. Apparently he spent that time learning to seamlessly change from a car into a robot, though I can’t be sure of this. I don’t watch Boss. According to Collider

Not too much is known about his character except that he’ll be playing counter-intelligence operative Harold Attinger – a flesh-and-blood baddie – and not a voice of any villainous Decepticons.  Grammer will join Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor…

Oh, good. More human characters. God knows that’s the main draw of the Transformers franchise. If there was one complaint I had about the last one was that they didn’t give enough screen time to newcomers like The Wacky Butler, The Bitchy Nasa Scientist, uh…John Malkovitch (really?)  and Ken “I set Asians back half a century” Jeong. Hell, it’s only a matter of time before Shia LaBeouf’s g*ddamn parents get their own spin-off.

Anyway, if they have David Hyde Pierce bitching about his Decepticon wife that we never see, all will be forgiven.

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