Forthcoming: comic book stuffs


Comic book news and reviews are not usually my jam on here, since my love of comics is surpassed by that of movies and vidja games. However, I might start dipping my toes in, especially since both major publishing houses are in the middle of a much-talked-about reboot phase; I’ve been onboard  with much of DC’s The New 52 in 2011 and digging into some of Marvel’s more recent restarts.

I also happen to be reading all of the Before Watchmen run, because I love the original, and the weirdo backlash against it (which occurred before anyone read a single issue) is laughably absurd. Oh, is DC being unoriginal by recycling characters? This is a medium where some of the most popular characters in 2013 were created in the 30’s and 40’s. Also Alan More hasn’t created anything noteworthy in decades and he’s batshit insane now. My short reasoning: these are characters I love and want to see more of them, and they can’t be worse than the movie.

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