Haterz to tha left: I will watch the hell out of this


One of the bigger upcoming movies to slip under the radar (for me anyway) is the Hangover: Part III. After the absurd success enjoyed by the first movie – it won a g*ddamn Golden Globe for Best Picture, comedy or musical – people seemed to be SUPER down on the sequel. From a critical standpoint, neither are exactly great films, but they weren’t lacking in chuckles either. One can easily make a point for Part II just rehashing so many plot points from the first, but I enjoyed how deliberate it felt, with director Todd Phillips just cranking everything up to eleven. YOU WANT ADULT HIJINJKS? MONKEYS WITH GUNS! TRANNY HOOKERS! MICROPENISES FOR EVERYONE!

Anyway, I have no idea what awaits us in Part III*, but that poster has me intrigued. Apparently, we’re headed back to Vegas and some proverbial sh*t is about to go down. And on the topic of Ken Jeong, this franchise and Community are the only two places where I can handle him. His shrill faux-gangsta shtick is pretty grating in the wrong place – if he had just two more minutes of screen time in Transformers 3, I might have walked out. Also, according to a report from when filming started, John Goodman will be the antagonist. On that point alone, consider me sold.

*I love silly comedy sequels using highfalutin’ roman numerals, a la Caddyshack and Revenge of the Nerds. It’s like holding your pinky out while shotgunning a tall boy.

2 responses to “Haterz to tha left: I will watch the hell out of this

  1. I didn’t even hear of this! I loved both the original and the sequel. Like you said, it’s deliberately outrageous. I dig that. I love the idiotic humor in Wet Hot American Summer for similar reasons. However, I disagree about Ken Jeong. That being said, it is the only way I can tolerate Zach G.

  2. They are certainly both acquired tastes.

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