Despite his best efforts, still excited about Tarantino’s new movie


You know what this shot needs? Uma’s bare feet.

Above is one of the posters for Django Unchained (via Rotten Tomatoes), and man…what an asshole.  I don’t blame the marketing people for drawing attention to Tarantino’s name; even with a cast that includes Jamie Foxx and Jonah Hill (not a typo), he is still the biggest draw. However, putting his stupid goddamn face on a poster is a whole other ball of cocaine. I’ve always been able to separate my dislike of an artist with my appreciation of their art, but QT easily has the biggest delta of  great work to punchable-face. I mean, seriously, look at that expression.  The hell is up with his lips? Is that what happens when you do enough interviews about how great you are?  F*ck off.

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