Javier Bardem: Spanish Chameleon

You are now pregnant.

<This is a recurring thing I’m trying out, about roles featuring almost unrecognizable actors. Hopefully it has legs>

Since at least 2007, since he silent-shotgunned his way into our heart in No Country for Old Men, Javier Bardem has been crushing it in Hollywood. Most recently, he played the most memorable Bond villain since the franchise’s heyday. In fact, I think he’s a little too good in Skyfall; so much that people are giving the whole movie a leeeettle more credit than it deserves. It’s The Dark Knight all over again <dodges brick>.

Anyway, I caught the Michael Mann flick Collateral on cable the other night (underrated movie, probably because of the generic ending), and noticed my boy Javier playing the hitman contact Felix.  I didn’t even identify him by his face. He got about halfway through his threatening story (man, he loves parables, huh?) before someone else recognized his voice and pointed it out to me. Well played, way-more-hispanic-looking Javier, well played.

I also have to give a little shout-out to Mark Ruffalo for playing a greasy, hard-nosed cop.

Not, uh…exactly his wheelhouse.

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