New Oz looks cool, just stop mentioning Alice please

Above is the new trailer for Oz: The Great and Powerful and for the love of Christ, stop bragging about it having the same producers as 2010’s Alice in Wonderland. When a new Spielberg movie comes out, do they say it’s from the same director as 1941 and Indiana Jones 4? I guess what I’m saying is that I did not like that film.  Anyway, this looks pretty cool. Granted, it looks reminiscent of Burton’s Alice (read: metric f*ckload of colorful CGI), but there are many factors that keep me from lumping them together.

  • There are fourteen Land of Oz books to pull from, rather than two for Alice
  • It has Mila Kunis
  • Oz movies have a two for two* record (Return to Oz rules, bro)
  • There’s Mila Kunis
  • Unlike Burton, Sam Raimi still has some Drag Me to Hell goodwill left over
  • Seriously, she even looks hot in a big, weird hat
  • James Franco is a joke to some people, but he’s still a good actor
  • Look at this GIF

I don’t care if the rest of the movie just a big budget adaptation of Dicknose in Paris, I’m seeing it for the Kunis.

*I’m not counting The Wiz, because Jesus Christ.

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