Minecraft Journal: Day 1

[Haven’t been on in awhile. recently got back into MC. gonna write some blogs about my experience. I’m gonna be using a lot of MC terminology without explanation. If you don’t understand, there are roughly a billion websites that will explain, starting with Minecraftwiki.net]

Argh.  Damn you people. I created a world using the seed Artomix because it comes highly recommended around the internets. This seed is bullshit. Yeah, you spawn on a really cool-looking jungle island surrounded on ALL sides by a large ocean. Hey, that’s great. You know what’s missing here though?  Every goddamn thing you need in this game that isn’t wood. One of the first priorities one must have when dropping into a new MC world is making a bed. This requires one to either (A) have sheep milling around, or (B) kill an assload of giant spiders. As I was just freshly birthed, naked and unarmed, into this world, the latter wasn’t an option.  Also, fuck those giant spiders.

So I start punching the hell outta some trees. Gotta make some axes so I can get wood a little faster (*immature laughter*). Once I feel like I have enough wood, I craft a boat, and set sail toward the sunrise, because eff that island. Shit!  I left my crafting table back there. Whatever, I have enough wood to make another.  Oh, good. Coming up on a large landmass.  Here I come, food and cloth!  My boat butts up on the land too hard and explodes into a handfull of planks and a stick. Solid craftsmanship, bro. I climb a small sand embankment to see…I’ve arrived in a desert biome. God. Damn it.

There isn’t a single organism, tree or animal, in sight. And this fucker is huge. Oh, yeah. The new large biomes. Christ. Time to sprint across the desert. The sun will be setting soon. NEED A BED. Finally, I arrive on the other side of the desert, dying of digital thirst, with large beads of sweat on my square head. OH, THANK GOD. On the other side of a small stream is hilly grassland.  It is covered with different colored sheep. Sorry sheep.  Haven’t had time to make shears yet ’cause I gots no iron. So I face-punch a few sheep to death and gather up the sweet sweet wool. I put together a quick crafting table and then bed, just as the sun is setting. I dig a ditch three blocks long by three blocks deep. A grave, if you will. In it, I set my bed. I cover the top save a little staggered hole to observe the outside light levels. The sun is down completely. I can hear them coming. Just before I hop down into my impromptu bunker, I do notice one more thing. This land of rolling grass hills is completely devoid of trees. Son of a bitch.

To be continued…

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