GI Joe 2 Will Be More “Real”, Says Ex-Wrestler Star

Pictured: Realism, I guess.

According to a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talks about the new direction with the sequel to the 2009 Stephen Sommers film.  The Roadblock Quote!

 I can tell you this one is creatively much different [from the first]. It’s rooted, it’s grounded, it’s real. The studio came to me and I loved the idea of starring in the movie because I grew up on G.I. Joe and it’s a massive property. I spoke to the studio and they told me about the creative shift that they wanted to make with the movie, which made it easy for me to sign on.

Thank. Christ.  If there’s something I want in movies based on 80’s cartoons, it’s more realism.  Because each successive Transformer movie was improved by shoehorning more and more footage of real military crap and human characters in there.

Look, I’ll be honest. I hate Stephen Sommers, but I enjoyed the first GI Joe movie because it openly embraced the feeling of a Saturday morning cartoon.  Jetpacks!  Laser guns! “Oh no, our secret underground base is being invaded by the bad guys in drill pods!”  It wasn’t exactly a good movie, but it didn’t have any delusions of grandeur.   In other words, it didn’t star an ex pro-wrestler trying to tell people how “real” it is.

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