FIRST PODCAST EPISODE!!!1!!!one!!eleven!!

Our modest preliminary album art

Here be the first episode of The 8-Bit Podcast.  Just a heads-up: things will get better. Right now it’s just me and my idiot friends talking over each other in the vicinity of a recording laptop. Don’t worry, there is plenty of entertainment to be had here. But, down the road we will be getting some better equipment and putting together a more structured show.  Word of advice, kids: if you want to do something, you can’t wait around for the perfect conditions.  Just plow ahead with that sh*t and work on it as you go.

So, for now, it’s me trying to keep things interesting while Cody, Jason, and Scott -the pro-sports-loving simpletons that they are – try to constantly derail my efforts.  Next time I’ll try to make a note of what we discuss and put up a better synopsis.  Also forthcoming: an RSS feed to add to iTunes.

Below is a stream of the episode and a download link.

Podcast Episode 1           (To download: right-click and save as)

[music by hellostereo from the8bitcollective]

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