GTA V on the Way, According to “No Sh*t” Magazine

Okay, IGN broke this news.  To the block quote!

There are absolutely no details yet – just a date for the first trailer, which is coming next Wednesday, the 2nd of November.

We will have much more on this announcement – including that trailer – in the very near future. Stay tuned!

I hope you didn’t suffer from a massive brain hemorrhage from all that information.  Here’s another news flash: we all already know this.  GTA is Take-Two Interactive’s biggest cash cow.  A next installment was a sure thing; announcing it with no actual info on the game itself is a waste of time; especially when there will be a trailer in a week.  You know, a real announcement.

The article then goes on to encourage speculation on the meaning behind the green “V” in the logo.  Let me save you some time: it’s a reference to money.  In a GTA game.  Scandalous.

Am I the only one getting tired of people announcing that there will be an upcoming announcement?  A couple months back PS3 spokesman Kevin Butler teased part of a trailer on his Twitter feed that was released in full some days later.  A trailer that was just a live action ad for the Playstation brand.   He teased a GD trailer.  The latest Twilight movie did the same thing.  Someone needs to ask the producers of The Green Lantern if such bloated marketing is a good thing.

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