Christina Hendricks to Appear in Next “Need for Speed”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Mad Men‘s very own Joan Holloway will appear in the next “Need for Speed”.   <insert easy motorboat joke here>.

She plays Sam Harper, a presumably badass big wheel in the exciting world of outlaw street racing, who serves as the player’s eyes and ears on the course.

“Bad ass big wheel”?  Is that a common euphemism or…?  Whatever.  My knee-jerk* reaction to this is to call it a total missed opportunity. You have an actress who looks like this and you stick her in a racing game?  Meh.  I got news for you, EA: nobody is a fan of Hendricks for her eyes and ears.  Hell, until this story broke, I was unaware that she had a face.

Hendricks admits that she’s not a gamer, though she explains, “My husband and my brother are huge game players. My husband’s constantly running to GameStop because something’s being released the next day.”

Shocking that her husband, who inexplicably looks like this, is a gamer.  Although, you have to give Hendricks credit for not pandering to the nerd crowd, which is an annoying trend with hot female celebrities these days.  That being said, this is roughly the 73rd entry in the NFS series and Hendricks involvement does nothing to get me back into it.  I know the game is called “The Run”, but unless you play as her, running backwards, I’ll be taking a pass.



*My usual reaction to anything Hendricks-related is not a knee jerk, if you catch my drift.

One response to “Christina Hendricks to Appear in Next “Need for Speed”

  1. does her hair looks plasticy or is it just me. She is still hot though, just not needing airbrushing. I think it was touched up a little something just looks off.

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