The Tudors

The period images in the advertisements for the Tudors sucked me in.  I do ever so love the costume, style of speech and behavior of such movies and shows.  I cannot get enough of the like.

Firstly may I say I love the show.  Not necessarily because it is great.  More so that it plays to my sweet spot for such an era.  Though the cast keeps me hooked far beyond what I thought I would be.  King Henry viii is dashingly, devious and misguided. Jonathan Rhys Meyers portrays him in a way in which every woman will surely want him and every man want to be him.   Then there is Maria Doyle Kennedy who I surely fell in love with. She is so regal and noble. When she is come across by Natalie Dormers character it is not difficult to see which is truly right, but it is difficult to pick which is to be favored.  Every character in the series is portrayed by an amazing actor but the last that I will mention for the time being is Cardinal Thomas Wolsey portrayed by Sam Neill.  His most powerful image is in the beginning sequence before every episode.  His presence and actions are ones that stuck with me most.  While his actions were never noble or entirely for the right cause he has a way about him that is not forgettable.

The plot continues as the story has been told before.  The trials and tribulations of a confused king in a manipulative court kept me tense and interested even though I knew many parts of the story.  Unfortunately if you you have seen the movie “The Other Boleyn Sister” the first two seasons… well they cover that in the movie in just 1 and a half hours.  While yes there are slight variations in the two be warned that each episode of the Tudors is 50 minutes long.   At first I was annoyed by that fact, but my lust for the royalty and court kept me watching.

Personally I do not regret watching The Tudors one bit, but if you have a short attention span and want to get through the series faster I recommend watching the movie based on the same historic tales.  At least for the first 2 seasons.  I wouldn’t personally watch the series again but I am still enjoying it as I finish season 2.

In the end it comes down to your like or dislike for the 1500’s period dress and behavior.  The series is full of lust, betrayal and mystery.   Which reminds me if you watch it for no other reason know that there are plenty of lusty sex scenes that definitely made me squirm a little in my seat.  Enjoy!


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