Summation Approximation :)

When people ask me, I tell them that I do not watch TV.   ‘Cause… I don’t.   I don’t do the commercials, and the watching what I want on a networks sub  par schedule.  At the risk of sounding like a cheap and ill timed ad plug, “I watch my TV shows on Netflix.”    Hopefully we are on the same wavelength and you don’t need me to tell you that further blogs will be about my current perusals through the vast (yet lacking) instant watch library of Netflix.   My opinions are my own, take them as you will, but hopefully I can give you a little insight into what made the program I watched worth it.

I am open to watching many sorts of movies and shows. I do not currently watch horror so please do not hold your breath.  Anything in the 1800’s is my favorite, and I am not too interested in comedy… but some do slip through.  As I ramble on through movie after movie and show after show please feel free to enjoy my opinion :)  and send me requests.  Until my first review good tidings!!


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