ZOMG Podcast Question Mark?!

Click to animate!

 The above image has nothing to do with podcasting, but it IS something I just made out of boredom.  That’s right. A worn-out internet meme that will amuse practically no one who actually watches the show Justified.  YO, F*CK YO VENN DIAGRAMS*, BITCH, BECAUSE I LOVE ‘EM BOTH! Anyway, those who like generally badassery need to be watching this show. It runs, uh, January through March.  Nice timing, ace.

Anyway.  I was recently writing a post about movie endings that started to become a rambling nightmare.  It was full of so many digressions and non-sequiturs that I realized it would be better in discussion form. To that end, I’m thinking of putting together a Podcast, like every other seventh person on the internet.

I obviously would like some peeps to come in on this, because I need someone with decent sound recording equipment I think it would work well as a back-and-forth discussion sorta thing.   Also, I’m gonna need some pleasing baritone voices to balance out the icepick-to-the-brain thing I got going on here (it goes well with my inability to grow facial hair).  Plus, I don’t want to just be turning on a mic and talking directly to the internet, like the bajillion adolescent girls who do that now.   Jesus, why did I have a daughter?

Anyway, (you see what I mean about the digression thing) we’d just be talking about the kinda things that I cover on this site; movies, TV, etc.  FYI, if anyone brings up sports, I’m gonna look like a dumbass.  Man, I just love it when I’m ridiculed about not knowing names or stats that are centered around grown men throwing balls around.  Can’t I just watches dudes getting beat up?  Why do you gotta spike this punchbowl with a math turd?   Holy sh*t, this post just went right off the rails.  I definitely need a medium more suited to rambling.  If you don’t like it, refer to the banner pic.


*My favorite kind of diagram. Why?  Looks like boobies.

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