Enter Victor Fries

Above is the latest trailer for Batman Arkham City (OMG, so excited you guys!), releasing Oct. 18th. This one focuses on the newest addition to the ever-growing roster of bad guys: Victor Fries, aka Mr. Freeze. Wait, MR Freeze? Isn’t Fries supposed to be some highly educated scientist? I’m pretty sure some chump with a bachelors degree* couldn’t build a cold suit and ice ray guns. UNREALISTIC! I DIDN’T GO TO A COLD MEDICAL SCHOOL TO BE CALLED MR, THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Anyway, that takes the number of enemies in the game up to … carry the one … all of them.

Dr Freeze was my favorite member of the Rogues Gallery from “Batman: The Animated Series”, so I’m pretty happy with the direction they are taking here. In keeping with the first game, they are remaining loyal to the characters of that show, but with a darker and more high-tech aesthetic. I always loved how soft spoken – and therefore more menacing – Mr. Freeze was. I mean, ideally, he would have a jarring austrian accent and be shoehorning all the ice puns he can into every conversation. But, hey. It’s an imperfect world.


*he said, weeping and clutching hisĀ associates degree.

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