More Batman Spoilers!

Get it? Because it has spoile...fins? Oh, g*ddamn it.

The flood of set-pictures and home-made videos from the Dark Knight Rises shoot continue to poor in from Pittsburg. If you look carefully you will find NONE here.  That’s right, I’m giving you the ANTI-scoop!  It would probably be different if someone paid me to do this (lolz), but anyway…

Oh, yeah.  The spoilers.  F*ck these people and their camera phones and internet connections.   You know when I want to see this stuff?  Next year, in the theater.  There are articles examining the details of catwoman’s suit and f*cking criticizing it.  Holy sh*t, does no one have any patience any more?  Can you see the movie first before judging it?  Who still reads AintItCool News, and why?  It still looks like a Giocities site and none of the writers can use less than seven exclamation points at a time.

But, I digress.  Why would I want to wait a year for a talented filmmaker like Christopher Nolan to finish shooting and editing the film (in IMAX format) into a coherent story?  Naw! I would much rather watch some blurry stunt footage shot on an iPhone by some jobless Steelers-loving d*ckface, then edited together by the collective internet. Fantastic.  Who do I send this Oscar* to?

I remember not even really knowing what the Joker makeup looked like before going the see The Dark Knight, and it’s not like that was forever ago.  It came out in 2008!  There is only one possible explanation for this.  Batman Begins and  TDK were both filmed in Chicago.  The new one is in Pittsburgh.  UH OH!


He also rapes your expectations!  Just kidding.  He doesn’t know how to operate a camera phone.  Just windowless vans.

*my nickname for d*ck-pics.

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