Say, Whaaaa?

I must say, this is surprising.  Granted, they only have 19 reviews counted so far, but I don’t know anyone who is expecting this to be any good. Like, at all.  First off, it’s the prequel (strike 1) to a reboot (strike 2) that nobody wanted in the first place (strike 3) and that nobody f*cking liked (strike 4; why are you still at bat?).  It also features some low-rez looking CGI and, in the trailer, depicts Alzheimer’s as not being able to hold a fork correctly.  What the hell?

Since it started registering on the Tomatometer, it’s been bouncing around the 80s and even jumped up into the mid 90s. I will say that critics don’t always know what they are talking about, sometimes to an ABSURD degree, but this gives me enough pause to consider seeing it.   If it is any good, it might give me hope for next years Spider-Man reboot.  But lets take it slow, huh?

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