Nintendo 3DS Price Drop Means Trouble for Nintendo

Mmmm.  That’s some tasty schadenfreude. Nintendo has, to put it mildly, slashed the sh*t out of the MSRP for it’s latest handheld system, the 3DS.  What, you mean no one is buying these things?  Who wouldn’t want to buy a DSi that costs an extra c-note for a headache-inducing visual gimmick. Gee whiz.  Who could have predicted such a device would fail.  If only there were some event in in history that would have predicted this.

What the...? How did you get in here, Virtual Boy?

Anyway, according to the folks over at Newsfactor, this is taking a huge toll on Nintendo stock.

Shares of Nintendo Co. took a beating Friday, losing more than a fifth of their value at one point, after the Japanese video game giant announced a worldwide price cut for its new 3DS in an effort to salvage poor sales.

The move spooked investors and analysts, who had expected a quarterly loss but were taken aback by the severity of Nintendo’s woes.

The stock fell more than 20 percent in the morning but pared losses in the afternoon. It closed down 12.2 percent at 12,290 yen.

Nintendo on Thursday posted a net loss of 25.5 billion yen ($324 million) in the April-June period, almost on par with its loss a year earlier. Sales during the quarter slumped more than 50 percent.

Anyway, I’m not usually one for reveling in the misfortune of others, but I am very happy about this.  I’ve been against the 3DS from the beginning and this means no other gaming companies trying to jump on the bandwagon, a la Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect.

No-glasses 3D is nothing to brag about when it’s on a 4-inch screen that you have to hold perfectly still at just the right angle right in front of your face.  When you turn on the 3D, it also cuts the screen’s resolution in half.  The effect itself resembles the kind I had on the VHS cover of The Frighteners in 1996. In other words: after all that, it still doesn’t impress.

Slight aside: This movie rules.

There are only the technical issues.  Aside from 3D being a passing fad, forty dollar individual handheld games are becoming a downright retarded option.  Especially when  compared to the mobile games that usually range from free to 99 cents.  For a more pointed commentary on this, I refer to the latest Penny Arcade. 

Anyway, between the 3DS and the WiiU, my patience with Nintendo has reached an end. I’m tired of playing the same Zelda and Mario games over and over again and now that this blatant lack of imagination has extended to their new hardware, I think I’m done.

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