Box Office Report: We All Lose

Serious cowboys are serious and cowboys.

According to early numbers, it appears that Cowboys and Aliens and The Smurfs have tied at 36.2 million dollars for the top spot for the weekend box office. I hope you’ve all made peace with your dear and fluffy Lord, because I’m pretty sure this is one of the Seventh Seals being opened.  The Smurfs

Seriously, how bad has it gotten that a movie (that takes itself seriously) called Cowboys and Aliens  is BY FAR the least retarded looking new wide release of the weekend. And yet, with a ridiculously talented cast and director, it still couldn’t overtake an 80’s cartoon cash-in whose makers cast this person for VOICE OVER WORK ONLY!

And yet, this chicklet-faced eye-rapist is the main bad guy.

I also love that they keep taking cartoon characters that barely anyone remembers and just blatantly moving them to a contemporary setting.  This is totally organic to the story, guys.  Not for blatant product placement or anything.

[Box office info courtesy of EW]

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