My. God.

Holy sh*t. I think (*checks wikipedia*) Alexandre Dumas might be spinning in his grave. In 3D. Dodging steampunk bullets.  To be fair, the shallow side of me that enjoys the occasional Michael Bay joint (*dodges tomato*) and actually liked the GI Joe movie (*dodges brick*) will probably watch this.

I know this makes me a hypocrite for bitching about Hollywood originality.  But hey, at least they are actually going to a fun place with it, instead of, say, taking a fun little fable and making a joyless origin story out of it (*cough* Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood *cough*).  Plus, it does have kind of a steampunk vibe, which is an aesthetic I enjoy.  I would like to say that I wish it was in more movies, but then I remember Wild Wild West and keep my f*cking mouth shut about it.

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