FCBD Live Blog


Free Comic Book Day (first Saturday in May) is like Black Friday for the un-deodorized crowd. The free promotional comics are a nice preview of upcoming stuff, and most local comic book stores have some great sales. Some friends and I will be hitting up some local and not-so-local shops all day for this pit-stained clusterf*ck. Join me, won’t you?

(More to come as…y’know, everyone else wakes up)


8:30 – On our way to Comix Connection in Mechanicsburg. Iron Maiden on the radio. Taking over/unders on when the Red one gets punched.


8:55 – Comix Connection, Mechanicsburg According to the website this store opens in five minutes. I’m sensing deceit.


9:05 –Ten cent bins. Tried to squeeze in and the be-fedora’ed gentleman on the left bit my hand. True story.


9:30 – Back on the road to Hershey, a decent number of back issues heavier. The soundtrack to Pitch Perfect, uh, Road House on the radio.

10:00-Second stop turns out to be closed till noon. Planner Matt will be flogged for this.


10:10 – Lost my shotgun privileges during our brief stop at the closed location. Rest assured that mutiny is eminent, Scott.



10:40 – Captain Blue Hens, Lancaster’s best kept secret.

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