Are You Effing Serious?


The word around the internet is that some people are calling for the ban of the upcoming Thor movie.  Not because it looks kinda lame, but because Idris Alba (aka, a black guy) was cast as the Norse God Heimdall, who is…white, I guess?  I dunno.  It’s hard to imagine all the different layers of stupidity to this idea, but lets cut this sumbitch in half and count the rings, shall we?

First of all, the idea of boycotting a fictional movie because of it’s content is, and always will be, to put it delicately, f*cktarded.  It’s fiction, and in this case, it’s a superhero movie about Norse Mythology; boycotting it for inaccuracy is…is *breathes into paper bag* okay, moving on.

Secondly, when has controversy, no matter how retarded it is, ever hurt a movie’s box office performance?  Remember The Da Vinci Code?  No?  Well, a lot of religious groups were protesting it because of the portrayal of the Church as well as the concept that Jesus had kids.  The result?  Huge box office hit. It might have been more helpful if the picket signs said “This actually kinda blows.  Trust me on this.”  Or how about the inverse. With The Golden Compass, the anti-religious content from the book was largely taken out of the movie; it bombed.  So how do you think it will help with…..

Okay.  You know what? This is not even a real story.  I don’t want to give these people any more of the attention that they really want.  Okay, here is my official, in depth,  two-fold analysis of the situation:

  1. You are racist
  2. You are idiots

That is all.

One response to “Are You Effing Serious?

  1. Ha Ha Ha Ha He HE HE Ha Ha HA …..That is absolutely laugh-out-loud funny stuff Jer. and I must say…ritght on the mark….BULLS EYE (brown). NBL

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