Awards Summary: Fincher Makes “Suck-It” Gesture to Oliver Stone

"Did you let a Boy Scout do your hair?"

It’s the usual season for film critics to a start handing out their awards; this is generally referred to as the road to the Oscars.  Usually, the Golden Globes are a decent barometer for what the Academy is going to do, but this years list of Globe nominations is the most laughably unprofessional thing I’ve seen since my last post.  Alice in Wonderland and Burlesque for Best Picture?  I know it’s for Musical or Comedy, but Jesus. How about Toy Story 3?   Maybe Scott Pilgrim?

Anyway, the other, to-be-taken-seriously, awards are starting to lean pretty heavily toward David Fincher and his that “dumb website” movie.   Last year  when word was getting around that someone was making a Facebook movie, the general reaction was “Whaaa?” Turns out,  not only is it an acid-tongued masterpiece, it also did a glorious job of drinking Wall Street 2‘s milkshake.  To date it has won Best Picture and Director from: The National Board of Review, The Boston Society of Film Critics, The Washington DC Film Critics Association, The San Francisco Film Critics Circle, The Toronto Film Critics Circle and the New York Film Critics Circle.  The NBR, Boston, and Toronto have also named Jesse Eisenberg as the Best Actor.   The NBR, Boston, Washington, San Francisco and Toronto have awarded Best Screenplay to Aaron Sorkin as well.

I could say that I called this kind of sweep, but with a Tomatometer Score of 96%, it’s not exactly a revelation.  I’m just glad to see Fincher get the recognition he deserves, and not for Benjamin Button.  That wasn’t a bad movie, but it felt like it was constructed specifically to win awards, which is a dumb reason to make movies. Fincher just has an amazing body of work. I also think that the absurdly underrated Zodiac would’ve gotten more of this type of recognition, if it hadn’t been released in March.  Hang on a second, I’m just curious…

*checks IMDB*

Zodiac only made $33 Million?  Are you effing kidding me?  The same weekend Wild Hogs came out and it made $168 Million. Okay, that’s it.

*Lights molotov cocktail, heads for local multiplex*

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