“Thor” Trailer Hits, Slips on Banana Peel

The trailer for Marvel’s Thor hit the webs today.  The was the Avengers lead up movie that I was carrying the lowest expectations for, because, well, it’s Thor.  Putting a Norse God in the middle of a bunch of modern-day superheroes sounds like one of those pictures where you pick out what doesn’t belong.  The trailer itself…doesn’t do much to arouse my interest.  It looks like a bizarre mash-up of a superhero movie and some kind of Clash of the Titans-type flick.   The action looks decent, but I can’t really tell what the story is.

Anthony Hopkins looks decently badass, but why does a Norse god wear an eyepatch?  Also, Thor himself looks like kind of a hollow pretty-boy.  I really wish they’d have gone with Alexander Skarsgård.  That guy rules.  Anyway, at least Natalie Portman shows up at some point, but her presence doesn’t really arouse my interest, if you know what I’m saying. I think you know what I’m saying.*  All I know is that final shot of Thor swinging his tiny hammer at nothing at all made me laugh out loud.  I don’t think that was the intention. Whiff!  I guess that pretty much sums up the trailer as a whole.

Between this and the lackluster trailer for The Green Lantern, this summer is looking kinda lame for superhero flicks.  Hopefully Joe “Cardboard Spielberg” Johnson can salvage it with Captain America.

*My penis

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