Prequel to Apollo 13 – Update

Update: Apparently studios don’t like their movies to be advertised for free. The video has been taken off of Youtube. You can find it at Apple, but I’m not linking it because if you don’t know how to get to the Apple website, I have no f*cking clue how you got here.

Just kidding!  It’s the Tranformers 3 Teaser.

Those who read my post defending trash-maestro Michael Bay might have deduced that I find the Transformer movies to be entertaining junk.  I definitely will admit that part 2 had some severe issues (ie, leave your f*cking college roommate behind this time; also, minstrel bots). Even Bay himself admitted this.  And this is someone who has an ego bigger than the explosions in his movies.

The teaser for part 3 just hit the interwebs and, color me impressed.  No explosions or incoherent action.  In fact, it offers a unique look at the actual story (scandalous!); apparently, it involves some kind of retcon of the Apollo 11 mission.   Since the second movie had no actual story to speak of, maybe they actually listened to the complaints of the fans.

But, hey, who am I kidding. I’ll line up next summer for the hot robot-on-robot action. Also, I’m all for the fact that they sh*tcanned Megan Fox. You’re hot, sweetie, but not irreplaceable.  That’s what you get for biting the hand that made your jugs famous fed you.

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