I Heart Buscemi (part 17)

"Donny, shut the f*ck up!"

Those who know me or read one of the first (lame) posts to this site know how much I love Steve Buscemi.  If I ever met the guy, I would squeal like a member of Team Jacob who went a whole week without one of her cats committing suicide. Website-that-I-just-heard-of The Envelope just ran an interesting little profile about the guy, who just wrapped up the first season of Boardwalk Empire.

Turns out, in addition to being a fantastic and subtle actor, he spent his younger years as a wrestler, then as a New York City firefighter.   So he kicked other guys’ asses, until he got bored and decided to fight the element of fire instead.  In addition to that nugget of bad-assery, we also find that he recently went to a retirement party for some former firemen brethren. Ho.  Ly. Sh*t.  That is cool.  That level of humility from a celebrity is refreshing, especially when someone like Lady g*ddamn Gaga shows up to her sister’s high school graduation dressed like this because god forbid she not be the center of attention.

Thanks to Uproxx blog Warming Glow for the tip on the article.

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