Good Night, Sweet Prince

As most of you might know by now, Leslie Nielson passed away this weekend.  Sadly, it was due to complications from pneumonia, and not anything wacky or hijink-related.   Unfortunately, most people will probably only remember him from his appearances in the Scary Movie franchise and other lame spoofs.  Damn kids!  You should also know that he was also in some spoof classics like Airplane and the Naked Gun series. Before that, he was actually a pretty successful serious actor in movies like the sci-fi classic Forbidden Planet.

Bottom line, this guy is a legend.  He was a deadpan genius and, even in his 80’s, far funnier than most of the more popular comedic actors today. Surely, you must pay your respect.

*bites down on knuckle, resists easy joke*

See you later, Leslie.  You’re doing well-timed pratfalls for Jesus now.

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