Nit Pick Time! Dexter’s Retarded Phones

Sometimes even something I love has some flaw or problem that bugs the absolute piss out of me.  Time to pick some nits.

Dexter is easily one of my favorite shows on TV, for many reasons.  However there has always been one thing tha always gives me pause when it shows up on the screen: the g*ddamn phones.  If you watch the show, you should know damn well what I’m talking about.

Each and every time any character’s phone is shown, whether it’s a text message or an incoming call, it always looks the same.  Giant white text on a generic blue background.  The lettering is always friggin’  huge and it’s the only thing on the screen!  I know there’s probably a reason for that (so old people can see the plot advancing forward), but it always takes me right out.  No matter what is going on with the story, as soon as we get that close-up, I feel like the producers are grabbing my head and pushing it toward the TV, screaming “Hey, pay attention, dick!  Dexter just got a text, from Deb! If you don’t see it you won’t know what’s going on!”

I know that movies and TV shows frequently misrepresent computers and, especially, video games (grrrr, more on that later).  But, seriously, how do you f*ck up cell phones?  They are a major plot device of a sh*t ton of movies and TV shows, but they hardly ever look quite this fake, even if the movie/show is otherwise poorly made.  So, uh, in conclusion, yeah. What’s up with that?  My my, not so good with the closing statement, huh?  Whatever, I’m tired.


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