Inception: My Brain Needs a Cigarette

Hmm. Wildwood's lookin' like shit these days.....

I’ve mentioned before that Christopher Nolan works best when his films are complete mind-f*cks.  Well, folks, after finally seeing Inception, I can safely say that my mind needs a smoke and expects a phone call tomorrow.

I’m not gonna spend too much time analyzing this flick; if you want a lot of pontificating, head over to Rotten Tomatoes.  Just know that this is Nolan at his best; when he is taking the very concept of a  straightforward narrative and turning it into an elaborate, sliding and whirling mechanism. There are a lot of moving parts here, bitches, and if you came for a straight up action movie that holds your hand, then *slaps across face* wake the f*ck up!  The latest Mike Bay joint is in auditorium 4; you want your brain stimulated, then pay attention! We’re in a dream within a dream within a dream so we can  plant an idea!  Now pick up this sniper rifle and break into that snow fortress that was designed by Juno! What do you mean “what”? Well if you weren’t buying popcorn during the second act,  this would make perfect sense!

And it does, for the most part. There are odd little things here and there that don’t hold up under close scrutiny. But, it’s to Nolan’s credit that so much of it does work, considering that just about any other director would throw in whatever they wanted, saying, “It’s all a dream, baby, it doesn’t have to make sense!” If you don’t believe that, look at just about any other movie centered around dreams.

Bottom line, this movie f*cking rocks. If you didn’t like it because it was too confusing, then I don’t quite blame you; I, however, loved the hell out of it.  Where can I get one of those metal suitcases?

Grade: A-


  • I love the whole idea of the “kick”.
  • Cobb’s wife, by the end, took on an almost Freddy Krueger-like role (ie, when she shows up, someone’s ass is gonna die).
  • However, Marion Cotillard can kill me in my dreams whenever she wants.
  • The ending was terrific.
  • Better film than The Dark Knight. I love Knight, but it’s a movie about a dude who dresses like a bat and fights a clown. It’s as good as a movie about that can be.

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