True Grit Poster Cuts the Bullsh*t

Yesterday I stayed at home with my ill wife to help out with the youngster, and, as a reward for my troubles,  some little douche-bag virus decided to invade my body as well.  So I’m gonna chug some Nyquil, turn the baby monitor off (she’ll be fine), and get some damn sleep.

Meantime, check out the brass-balls poster for the remake of True Grit.  Forgoing the usual crap photoshop job that passes for a poster these days, this one basically says “It’s got Jeff Bridges and it’s by the Coen Bro’s. You still don’t wanna see it?  F*ck off.” Just in case that doesn’t do it for you (and it damn well should), I have the full trailer after the jump.

PS.  I’m also gonna allot some would-be posting time to put together some artwork for the site, because…damn, if it gets any more white and dull, people will start thinking it’s Paul Walker’s official website.

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