Summer Movie Drought

Thanks to the arrival of my increasingly needy offspring in late April, I was unable to see many summer movies this year.  It wasn’t as awesome-packed as some summers have been, so it wasn’t too bad.  You might end up on my will after all, daughter! Current wealth to inherent so far: a sh*tty 14 year old SUV, way too many toys for a 25 year-old, and vast amounts of unnecessary debt.

But I digress; I was able to catch a drive-in double feature of How to Train Your Dragon (Pixar-worthy) and Iron Man 2 (aka Iron Man 2: We Get It, The Avengers Movie is Happening).  I was also coerced into seeing…*cough*TheTwilightSaga:Eclipse*cough*.  It wasn’t awful, exactly, but keep in mind I saw it at a theater that served alcohol and hot wings, so…..

I missed a few flicks I wanted to see, like Toy Story 3 and Scott Pilgrim, but I reeeeally wanted to see Inception. I love Chris Nolan and his tendency to mind-f*ck the audience, like in Memento or The Prestige. (My biggest complaint with The Dark Knight? The fairly straightforward story.  No mind-f*ckery.  Kinda left me with, uh, mind blue balls, I guess.) Anyway, my parents didn’t like it, comparing it to taking the SAT’s in a movie theater; aside from maybe watching it with a hangover, that sounds kinda cool, but we’ll see.   I’ll have to check it out on DVD.

Moving on.  This is my first blog post on my site here.  If you wanna know what I’m about, check the “About” tab up there.  Feel free to come back frequently, as I intend to keep up with daily updates on news, reviews, etc.  Don’t expect too much, though.  This isn’t my day job, and, as mentioned before, the whole New Parent thing.  Oh, she’s upset again. Come on, that was the best kennel they had!  Don’t you have a job yet?

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